Nurse Boo’s Birthday Cake

Just had to share with you the Birthday Cake that my friends organised for me. I did not make this, it was ordered for me an I absolutely love it, it encompasses my two worlds so well and may be the best cake anyone has ever got for me, because

Birthday Lust list

Tomorrow is my birthday and I have a lust list on my phone that I put links of things I’m lusting after, these are non essentials, and just for me things. Seen as it’s my birthday tomorrow I thought I’d share some of my favourite things on my wish list..

Darryn’s 40th Birthday cupcakes

One thing I love about my freedom from ‘the cake shop’ is getting to make really special and personal cakes for people that I know and love and it not be stressful or feeling under pressure to say yes, I get to really make every one with complete love and

Seren’s Alice in Wonderland themed party

Recently it was one of my favourite little girl’s birthday parties and I was put on lockdown for the whole weekend to go and stay in Surrey to not only attend the party but also style the party and of course, make cakes.

Seren’s 4th Birthday was an Alice and

Leo’s bowling cake

As much as I’m enjoying more freedom now and embracing that as much as I can before I start my training in a few weeks – It was good to be back baking last weekend. I catered for an afternoon tea party of 24 at their home for a party

Fairy Tales Come True


Thank you to Natalie from Fairy Tales Come True party entertainment for sending us in this collage of when Rapunzel came to visit bake-a-boo on our last weekend, we had lots of princesses in the tea room to meet her. We have worked with Natalie on several occasions at bake-a-boo

Happy (belated) Birthday boo x

I’m a bit late in posting this, which upsets me a bit, because I had such a lovely time that I wanted to share! But the hectic world of bake-a-boo has just consumed me! Anyway……

Two weeks ago, I celebrated my 30th Birthday

The big 3-0 can be a bit daunting, but