Gluten & dairy free banana loaf

I always whip this up when I have over ripe bananas, I hate to waste food and who needs a reason to enjoy cake? It’s also refined sugar free!

Enjoy xx
150g dairy free margarine Vitalite, Flora dairy free or Pure Sunflower are my go to! *if you are not bothered about

Jam donut heaven

You know that gluten free and dairy free cakes are my thing, and the whole reason that bake-a-boo existed in the first place – simply to feed my own selfish need, which I was so lucky to eventually have the opportunity to share with you all from 2004 onwards.

Now gluten

Seren’s Alice in Wonderland themed party

Recently it was one of my favourite little girl’s birthday parties and I was put on lockdown for the whole weekend to go and stay in Surrey to not only attend the party but also style the party and of course, make cakes.

Seren’s 4th Birthday was an Alice and

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for bake-a-boo. I know it’s still a long way off (15th March in case you didn’t know) but we are getting enquiries and bookings already and I’m posting this so there is somewhere I can guide everyone.

Treat your mum to a

A little helping hand this ‘Vegan January’ #veganuary


This month we are highlighting #Veganuary, which is a global campaign encouraging people to ‘go vegan’ for the month of January and learn more about this lifestyle, and explore ‘compassionate eating’, with the aim being that a month is less of a commitment, but the hope being that those that

Healthy January indulgence

As you may know – we kind of like afternoon tea at bake-a-boo rather a lot?! Yes Afternoon tea is a treat, and January is notorious for being the month when everyone is on a diet or embracing a new healthy eating regime. Now we already make afternoon tea menus