Seren’s Alice in Wonderland themed party

Recently it was one of my favourite little girl’s birthday parties and I was put on lockdown for the whole weekend to go and stay in Surrey to not only attend the party but also style the party and of course, make cakes.

Seren’s 4th Birthday was an Alice and wonderland themed party. Probably the one of the most fun parties to style, and easy too, because Alice in Wonderland themed party bits and pieces are so accessible…. Think tea pots, bunnies, playing cards, flamingos, mad hatters, the queen of hearts and stop watches and then there was the party girl herself dressed up in her Alice dress and bouncing golden curls.

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‘Eat Me’ cupcakes and a tea pot cake had to be party staples and balloons and bunting added colour and life to the party table. A face painter created various rabbit faces and just generally adorned the little beauties with flowers and glitter and a we created a photo booth with a treasure trove of props and accessories to capture some great shots in front of the red love heart back drop. The champagne flowed, the seemingly never-ending pass the parcel left the house strewn with pretty wrapping paper and the kids danced their way around the garden through the bubbles that filled the air.

It was a happy day and one I was so blessed to be a part of and had the great joy of all the children’s laughter. It was a real mix of ages and both boys and girls so I worked hard on the party bags to make them special and appropriate for everyone so they would actually get something in there that they would like and enjoy rather than just pointless tat or something that wasn’t age appropriate. Luckily mum was in my corner of the importance of good party bags so she was happy to let me run wild with them. The younger girls bags were filled with toy cupcakes, glitter, roses magnets, pastel nail polishes, lipstick sweeties and plenty of other bits, with nail sets and bath bombs added for the older girls. The boys enjoyed paper aeroplanes, cars, mini wrestlers and bouncy balls amongst other treats and I had to throw some raisins in there for something slightly nutritious, because this was a day literally filled with treats.

The birthday girls face was a picture and I loved being a guest at the party and being a big part in creating it too. I even got my face painted, oh the perks of party planning!! Huge thanks to Rob Sullivan of Rob Sully photography for lending me his photos to share with you. Check out Robs work HERE

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Images by Rob Sullivan

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