our cakes

At bake-a-boo we change our cakes daily and also offer appropriate seasonal variations, however this is a list of some of the cakes that make a more regular appearance. You can also order cakes from this list if you would like them for a certain occasion.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements if you would like to order cakes or cupcakes. We bake cupcakes in batches of 12 and we offer whole cakes in one size – 8″ which serves approximately 10-12 adult slices. Perhaps refer to our flickr for celebration cakes HERE to give you an idea of our styles and the kind of cakes that we offer.

We also offer cupcake towers and naked cakes for weddings. We create cupcakes according to your requirements, and like to reflect the personal touches incorporated within your wedding, so we do not have set designs, and work together with you to create the right cupcakes. If required, we also offer stand hire, and a top cake so you can still have ‘the cutting of the cake’ as part of your ceremony. Please see some examples of our wedding cakes HERE


‘Boo’ fairy cakes (vanilla)

our classic vanilla sponge topped with glace icing and mixed sprinkles and sweeties – we can also personalise with names and messages

Chocolate cupcakes

chocolate sponge topped with chocolate butter cream

Lemon cupcakes

Zesty lemon sponge topped with lemon butter cream made with real lemon juice

Coffee cupcakes

Flavourful coffee sponge topped with coffee butter cream

Oreo cupcakes

Pieces of Oreo fill the sponge, topped with crushed Oreo buttercream

Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

strawberry flavoured sponge, topped with pink strawberry flavoured buttercream and a fresh strawberry

Baileys cupcakes

vanilla sponge with a hint of baileys, topped with rich baileys buttercream


Whole cakes & slices

Victoria sponge

Classic victoria sponge filled with lashings of vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam

Chocolate cake

Light chocolate sponge, filled and topped with chocolate buttercream and chocolate decorations

Coffee cake

Fluffy coffee sponge filled and topped with coffee buttercream

Banana loaf with passion fruit icing

A bake-a-boo favourite – moist banana loaf, topped with our extremely popular passion fruit icing

Lemon sponge cake

Light lemon sponge, made with real lemon zest and filled and topped with lemon buttercream

Lemon drizzle loaf

A real classic, zesty lemon loaf topped with tangy lemon drizzle

Passion fruit drizzle loaf

A twist on the lemon drizzle, made with the more exotic flavour of passion fruit

Red velvet cake

A delicious, vibrant red sponge, with a hint of chocolate, filled & topped with cream cheese buttercream

White chocolate sponge

White chocolate chunk sponge filled and topped with rich white chocolate icing

Berry crumble slice

Moist berry filled sponge topped with delicious crumble topping

Pear/apple and cinnamon slice

Gorgeous moist sponge with a hint of cinnamon, topped with fresh pears or apples

Elderflower tea bread

delicious tea bread, lightly flavoured with elderflower


Gluten, and dairy free cupcakes

We specialise in gluten and dairy free cakes that taste just like the real thing!

Vanilla cupcakes

delicately flavoured vanilla sponge topped with dairy free vanilla buttercream

Lemon cupcakes

delicately zesty sponge topped with dairy free lemon buttercream

Raspberry cupcakes

moist sponge with crushed raspberry topped with naturally pink raspberry dairy free buttercream

Strawberry cupcakes

strawberry flavoured light sponge topped with strawberry dairy free buttercream

Blackberry cupcakes

light vanilla sponge with blackberry centre, topped with buttercream icing with crushed blackberries

Coffee cupcakes

light coffee sponge with coffee buttercream

Blueberry cupcakes

blueberry filled sponge topped with vanilla dairy free buttercream

Banana and peanut butter cupcakes

moist sponge made with fresh bananas and topped with peanut butter icing


Gluten and dairy free cakes and slices

Victoria sponge cake

A great alternative to a classic victoria sponge – minus the gluten & the dairy

Chocolate sponge cake

chocolate sponge filled and topped with dairy free buttercream with

Lemon sponge cake

zesty lemon sponge sandwiched and topped with dairy free lemon buttercream

Raspberry sponge cake

delicious sponge with crushed raspberries, sandwiched and topped with raspberry dairy free buttercream and topped with fresh raspberries

Coffee sponge cake

Coffee sponge filled and topped with coffee buttercream

Almond and orange cake

Light flourless almond cake with a hint of orange *this cake comes only without icing.

Coffee and Hazelnut cake

Light flourless sponge made with ground hazelnuts with a hint of coffee

Fruit cake

A classic fruit cake filled with juicy dried fruits, without the gluten and the dairy


Dairy & egg free Vegan cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes

Moist vanilla sponge, topped with dairy free vanilla buttercream

Chocolate cupcakes

Decadently moist chocolate sponge topped with dairy free chocolate buttercream

Banana cupcakes

Vanilla sponge filled with fresh bananas and topped with vanilla dairy free buttercream

Raspberry cupcakes

Moist sponge with crushed raspberries and topped with raspberry buttercream

Coffee cupcakes

Coffee sponge topped with coffee buttercream


Dairy & egg free vegan whole cakes and slices

Sponge layer cakes are available in all cupcake flavours as well as…

Fruit cake

Moist and fruity fruit cake, a classic without the dairy and the eggs


Sugar free treats (also gluten & dairy free)

Apple and date cake

Suitable for diabetics, the moist cake is sweetened only by the apples and dates in the sponge

Agave sweetened banana and sultana slice

Suitable for some diabetics who are not sensitive to agave, the is moist sponge with fresh bananas, slightly sweetened with natural agave nectar