Leo’s bowling cake

As much as I’m enjoying more freedom now and embracing that as much as I can before I start my training in a few weeks – It was good to be back baking last weekend. I catered for an afternoon tea party of 24 at their home for a party to mark a few celebrations within a family. I also made a bowling cake for Leo’s 6th birthday party. He and his friends went out bowling and feasted on burgers and cake! I enjoyed every bit of making this cake (even the fiddly pins!) and it was so nice to be able to take my time on in and not have another 10 cakes to give my time to. Leo loved it too, he wanted to roll the bowling ball and see if he could get a strike – sorry darling those pins are iced down! Happy Birthday Leo hope you had a great party x



IMG_1911 IMG_1907

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