Jam donut heaven

You know that gluten free and dairy free cakes are my thing, and the whole reason that bake-a-boo existed in the first place – simply to feed my own selfish need, which I was so lucky to eventually have the opportunity to share with you all from 2004 onwards.

Now gluten free is big business – it’s everywhere and easily accessible – which is amazing – but it can sometimes be predictable and leave you with a sense of disappointment.

But sometimes you stumble across something really special – someone who is getting it right, someone who is rising to the challenge and thinking outside of the box. What I mean is – not another chocolate brownie or almond cake. The things we really want, that taste just as good as the things we really miss. There are lots of people doing this, some with bigger profiles and bigger empires than others, but sometimes in the empire the specialness can get lost right? It turns from being something handcrafted with love and passion to something mass produced with a little bit of the spark missing, sometimes there is value in keeping it small and keeping it nurtured.

This is how I feel about Floris Foods. My sister Xanthe, who is also gluten free and has been with me on most of my own journey, introduced me to their cakes a few weeks ago. Xanthe is a big fan of Broadway market, and promised to bring me back a treat that she very much raved about for when I came round for tea later that afternoon. Her favourite are the peanut cookies and she was a little disappointed when she got there to see they weren’t on the menu that day – but her loss became my gain because the alternative she selected for me was JAM DONUTS! Now I can honestly say I haven’t had a donut for at least 13 years. I’ve got a feeling I may have had a ring donut in New York from Erin Mckennas bakery (formerly babycakes) (another gf hero!) but never a sugary coated, slightly crispy on the outside and fluffy and flavoursome on the inside with the delightful surprise of oozy sticky jam at the heart of this beauty. Reminds me of my school days when I used to go to the bagel bakery in Cricklewood and have a bagel for lunch often followed by a jam donut, and trying to do the ‘try not to lick your lips’ challenge on the walk back from, school whilst eating it.

So you can imagine my joy when Xanthe presented me with actual jam donuts – they are little dinky things, but they excited me so much and then when I tasted them they didn’t disappoint me. In fact I’ve pretty much been thinking about them ever since and when I got a text from my sister on Saturday morning saying ‘How are you?…I’m thinking about donuts’ my response was ‘I’m ALWAYS thinking about donuts’ from this a trip to Broadway market was quickly organised. Her beloved peanut cookies were there and my beloved donuts were also there. She was right about the peanut cookies and out off all that I bought these were probably my favourite also – there’s nothing quite like that salty sweet combination and this is done so well in these particular cookies. They are sandwiched with a dairy free buttercream, which is slightly too much for me – but I’m not complaining I can just scoop of half and they are beyond perfect – my sister on the other hand protests that you can never have too much of this delicious icing!! Similar to this, I also picked up some of their vegan take on Oreos – again sandwiched with this vanilla buttercream – but also with matcha and salted caramel variations.  There was also a gorgeous looking rustic loaf of bread, so I had to pick up one of those in the hope of having something savoury in my little tea party that I was planning – just for me!!

Floris foods only sell at Broadway market on Saturdays – they don’t have a website, just a facebook page HERE, they are a dinky empire but with big offerings and I always want to shout about great gluten free and dairy free treats in London, these are not to be missed and must try!! Broadway market is vibrant and full of delicious food for everyone, we were lucky to have the sun shining and festiveness just creeping into many of the stalls. Doing things on the weekend is always such a pleasure for me these days, after working in the tea room every weekend for 10 years, I literally enjoy weekend activities like this so much, they warm my little heart – and when you get to fill your belly with donuts at the same time – this is literally the perfect day. So glad we went and so glad I got to have the full Floris Foods experience. They change their offerings all the time and there are always new things to try, I will be making a pre-Christmas trip to their stall to stock up.

I cannot recommend them enough if you are gluten free/dairy free and in London.

You’re welcome, now go…. Enjoy!! xx

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