its like this!

de for damager back once again with the renegade master!
I’m the lyrical Gangster…..murderer!
so its early its cold and i’m making fairy cakes and choc cupcakes- this makes me happy…but all these old school tunes keep popping into my head and blurting out of me like some sort of poptastic torrettes….and then the boo-master has them in her head and she gets mad at me- ….email me any advice on how i can cure this problem (
ahhhhhh life at the boo.
The J-dog is developing a new rhubarb and custard cupcake which i think is going to be super FIT!!! Get it here tomorrow……mmmmmmmmmmmmm
I start rehearsals next week the boo-master has come up with a cunning plan to keep me making my magic scones and shaking my sweet ass in this pink palace as well as being a west-end wendy.
So campers i’m off. TTFN. Ocky x

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