It’s all a little bit Sassy…


Today it’s all happening here at bake-a-boo. We have a film crew from Sassy Films shooting a commercial in the tea room, so we are banned to the kitchen for the day and are keeping very quiet! Yesterday they came in to “dress” the space and we suddenly had lots of plastic fruit hanging everywhere? It’s been exciting to have all this happening, but we are also looking forward to having our tea room back tonight!

Over the weekend we had a few celebration tea parties, several baby showers, including Nina who had a big one taking over most of the tea room. We also celebrated a hen party for Wai-Kuan. We love having a tea room filled with people celebrating.

Zoe made a My Little Pony cake that we are all obsessed with, who didn’t love My Little Pony when they were little? Christine has been singing the song all weekend. We also made a special cake for Vimal and Rox, this story is worthy of it’s own blog post though – so we’ll share that with you in a post soon.

Have a great week.

Love the bake-a-boo belles xxx

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