Happy (belated) Birthday boo x

I’m a bit late in posting this, which upsets me a bit, because I had such a lovely time that I wanted to share! But the hectic world of bake-a-boo has just consumed me! Anyway……

Two weeks ago, I celebrated my 30th Birthday

photography by xantheberkeley.com

The big 3-0 can be a bit daunting, but amazingly I wasn’t daunted by it, I was actually more excited by it. I think 30 can be daunting as you enter a new decade and you reflect on your life and look at where you are going. I guess sometimes it all comes around too quickly and you think of all the things you ‘haven’t done’ . For me, somewhere in my childhood mind I saw myself as married, with 2.4 children and a homeowner by the time I was 30, and I am not those things, but somehow I am not dissapointed by that, as I have achieved other things – I didn’t plan on being a business woman at 24 and a published author at 28, so those things are added bonuses? And besides my childhood mind dreamed up this life in the 80s – when things were very different! But really and truly I think 30 is an exciting time as I feel like I know myself so much better now, I know what I like and don’t, and I know who I am, if that makes sense? So in the lead up to the big day I embraced being 30 rather than freaking out about it! Plus I am in a good place in my life where I am surrounded by wonderful people, and my birthday just reminded me of that – so I celebrated with a dinner with my nearest and dearest and we had a lovely evening!

We had a private dining room at one of my favourite local spots (to my home) the Clissold Arms – I was sold on this place the moment I went there for the first time and saw it was literally filled with twinkly fairy lights everywhere! I did get a little bit laughed at for the weeks of planning and effort I put into decoration ideas and all the things I wanted to do. Especially as it was ‘my birthday’ and I wasn’t supposed to be doing it all, but I also wanted to make a lovely setting for the people that I love who made my Birthday so special for me!
The theme was pink and gold (30 has made me become a bit obsessed with gold??!) dots and bows (boo’s favourite things!!)

So I decorated the table with pink bow napkins, hot pink doilies and gold and hot pink dots! Finsihed off with beautiful pink peonies and sweetpeas with gold sprayed eucalytpus from my favourite florist – Achillea Flowers – (thank you lovely Clare x) As place settings, I sprayed little wooden boats gold and filled them with personalised bags of sweets, indoor sparklers and an envelope with a card inside for each guest to make a wish which we would send off tied to pink and gold balloons. (Thank you Oscars Den for the balloons)

Everybody made their wishes, and I insisted that they made a wish for themselves and didn’t tell anyone, I released the balloons at the end of the night, Laura captured me letting go of the balloons here (Thanks Laura)

And we ended the night watching our wishes float up into the night sky – I hope they all come true!

So I had a really lovely evening, and whole birthday week actually – I went to see Shrek the musical with Lauren and Vanessa and also spend a lovely day in Shoreditch my my sister who took me to Poppies for fish and chips and we bought lots of love treasures, as well as inspirational books! I also got spoilt with gifts, including my wishlist dress from my favourite online vintage clothing company Love Miss Daisy, flowers from my (other favourite florist) The Urban Flower Co. a beautiful Alex Monroe necklace, the ‘Zoe’ necklace from Stella and Dot (I’m a big S&D fan!!!) as well as my favourite perfume and an array of amazing beauty products, things for my home and much more!!

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special and to my flatmate Lauren who made me a birthday cake (from the bake-a-boo cookbook of course!) Love you all dearly!

The first two weeks of 30 have been filled with excitingness and lovliness, so I’m really looking forward to what the 4th decade of life for Boo has in store!

And Thank you to Xanthe for capturing the evening so beautifully with her amazing photographs x

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