Goodbye Jay C Andrews x

This Friday Laura and I in the kitchen heard the very sad news that Jay had died.

Literally everything in the kitchen stopped on Friday as we came to terms with the shock that Jay had very sadly taken his own life on Valentine’s Day. We talked about him and reflected all day….

Here we are with Jay on a night out in Crouch End where Laura, Jay and I all live, last summer. I think this picture captures his character well.

We didn’t know him all that well, and Laura knew him better than me, I guess it was evident that he was perhaps troubled in some way – maybe due to his strive for perfection and success – this made him a great and ambitious person, but clearly was also his downfall, in that perhaps he felt he was never going to find or achieve what he was looking for? I guess now we will never know, and Jay will never know how much of an impact his death has had on us. The response on Twitter to his death was incredible, if only he had realised how many people were both there for him and also respected and admired him from a far.

The news of Jay, took me back to raw memories of the sad story of Annie – I think of Annie every day and probably always will, suicide is an extremely tragic and also selfish act and the destruction left behind is overwhelmingly huge. I guess its something most of us will forever struggle to understand.

I hope Jay has found the peace he has been searching for, and that, if at all possible he can somehow see how much we care now its too late to show him?

Laura and I will attend his funeral next week, but for now he has given us strength in realising life is too short and that we must go and get everything we wish for, follow all our dreams and never leave things unsaid. This is the positive I am taking out of Jay’s tragic death, and I will honour him, and Annie, by living life and enjoying every moment and never letting things get too much.

I send everyone who is reading this smiles and love and urge you to go out and do something you want to today, or even better, tell someone you appreciate how great they are and how much you love them – if Jay had heard this more, maybe he would have found life more bearable?

Goodbye Jay C Andrews. May you rest in Peace and you will be forever in our thoughts….x


  • Mason Moore December 18, 2012

    I used to speak to Jay frequently on Twitter. Like many, I didn’t really know him – in person, at least. His blog and talks of the publishing world at Conde Nast – a huge dream of mine – amused me, as well as heavily influencing me when moving to London and setting up my own small business. He was an influence and should be remembered that way.

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