First aid-er belles!


Last week Christine and I went on a First Aid course so we are well equipt for any emergencies in the work place. For me I was refreshing my certificate which has to be renewed every three years, and I wanted our manager Christine to also be a qualified first aid-er to be able to deal with any situations that may arise when I am not at the shop as there is always one of the two of us there.

We had a good day which built our confidence in dealing with any potential emergencies amongst ourselves as a team, but also for the safety of our customers. I hope we never have to deal with the things we learnt that day but it’s good to know that if an overenthusiastic cupcake eater did choke whilst devouring a cake at full speed that we would not go into a complete panic and be able to help that person, but that does not mean you should eat your cake at full speed!

Thank you to React First for getting us up to speed.

From the (newly qualified first aid-er) belles – boo & Christine x

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