Fashion Styling

In my last post I talked about being a mature student and how different it was from my last stint at University – when I did a degree in Product Development for the Fashion Industry at The London College of Fashion. I talked about how I still use my first degree every day even though I have embarked on several different things since then, and this is absolutely true. It made me think that I wanted to share some of the fashion styling that I still do.

Being a student nurse you have to work hard to make ends meet! and this can be hard – juggling your school work, being on placement and trying to make those pennies. Whilst it’s great to continue working in the hospital and doing a healthcare related job to make your money which also enables you to continue learning, I really needed to still feed my creative side, I’m lucky that I still indulge in cake making and party styling as well as other styling as well as assisting on shoots with my amazing sister, that keeps that side of me nourished and happy.

I’m also so lucky to have a great job with a fabulous dress agency, I work there one day a week which keeps me in the loop of everything that’s going on and the ever changing stock, but I also do styling and photograph the clothes and accessories and look after their social media, which I absolutely love. The ladies that I work with are all amazing and so are the very loyal customers, having had a shop myself I take great pride in my work there and try my best to be the employee I would have liked to have had in my own shop. It’s not hard when you are surrounded by gorgeous designer clothes and the hardest thing you have to do is not spend all your wages on clothes!

I just wanted to share some of my styling pictures. I would love to be able to do more!

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