Darryn’s 40th Birthday cupcakes

One thing I love about my freedom from ‘the cake shop’ is getting to make really special and personal cakes for people that I know and love and it not be stressful or feeling under pressure to say yes, I get to really make every one with complete love and dedication which is really nice. Really I’m just happy I still get asked to bake for people around my nursing, and sometimes is something a little less challenging like cupcakes which I’m more than happy to whip up if I have the chance to.

Darryn Celebrated his 40th Birthday with an AMAZING 1920’s party inspired by Bugsy Malone. It was a pretty extravagant party with a Marquee and a photobooth, a magician and a bar with great personalised cocktails. Vanilla and red velvet cupcakes were baked in black and gold cupcake cases and I loved putting Darryn’s cheeky face on all the cupcakes with him all dress up like he was going out for a night at Fat Sam’s Grandslam and they were a great personal addition to the party.

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