Darling Dottie and the last afternoon tea!


Last week was a busy one for us. We were one (wo)man down as Zoe went on a trip to the UAE to be a part of the Sharjah International book fair and although the rest of the team tried to fit in her suitcase, we had to stay to be in charge of the afternoon teas. This was a really exciting trip for bake-a-boo and Zoe will post all about her experiences in Sharjah very soon…

On Saturday we celebrated Dottie’s 80th birthday and she looked fabulous. Her party took up the whole tea room and the champagne was flowing. A good party if there ever was one! We also handed out some dating advice, although we aren’t sure it was too successful…

Then we had Katie’s baby shower, they played some fun games like “name the rhyme” which we hadn’t heard of before. Congratulations Katie, good luck with your bundle of joy.

On Sunday we had loads of lovely guests enjoying afternoon tea, we were super busy again and Alison was working with us to help out, she is a star. We also had William and his wife come to us for afternoon tea, these guys live close by and always stop by for tea and cake but they are now moving to Essex, so we are sad to see them leave the area but loved serving them afternoon tea yesterday. Good luck with the move guys!

See you all next weekend!

Lots of love from Christine and the bake-a-boo Belles xxx

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