Crisis at Christmas

Happy New Year to you all from us…

We have been closed over Christmas, and have all had a much needed break and been able to catch up on lots of things at bake-a-boo. With some time on my hands, I finally did something I’ve wanted to do for years and I volunteered for Crisis at Christmas. They are lucky to get lots of amazing volunteers to work in their five centres in london, but they struggle more to find people with food hygiene certificates and experience in the kitchen, so natuarall,y as I spend my life in a kitchen, I thought that would be the best way I could contribute.

me and my high fashion hair net!

So I worked two days in the kitchen at one of the five centres, based in Finsbury Park (what can I say I’m a north London Gal!) One of my shifts was on boxing day, and there was a much smaller team of us, but the second day there were much more, and I met some really cool and lovely people, we actually made such a good team. We prepared breakfasts, lunch and served them all, then we prepped for dinner before a shift change and we could all go home! I had such a great time and met such lovely people, that I wanted to go back the next day, but unfortunately the centre then closed.

The Crisis kitchen!

What crisis are doing throughout the year for homeless people is amazing, but they really make Christmas special for so many people who have nothing, or very little. I felt good to be a part of it. It gave me some Christmas spirit for sure.

I also set up a sponsored volunteer page, and people very kindly made donations to crisis through this, so thank you so much. I offered a prize for a random donator, and I will  very fairly pick a winner for Friday when we re-open for the new year.

Right….I’m off to sign up for next years Crisis, hope to see some of you there?


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