Clementine’s Christmas wishes…

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-3-8.0You may have in read some of the previous posts that I asked all the bake-a-boo belles what were the top 5 most desired items on their Christmas wish lists. Next up is our lovely little Clementine – and what a Christmassy name she has too! Clementine works in our shop and makes sure everyone who visits the tea room is substantially full of tea and cake! She works hard, and goodness knows why but she gives up the fun weekends that a 21 year should perhaps be having to work at bake-a-boo! But we are so grateful for it.

First on her wish list is a Samsung Galaxy tablet (above)

Clem definitely has a bit of a nutty side, and her constant sound effects that accompany most of her activities here, always amuse us! So a crazy Rudolf Christmas jumper is perfect for her, and would definitely suit her down to the ground.



Clementine is also crazy for flying saucers. We have flying saucers in the shop and we cannot leave the jar unattended with her, or we would no longer have any flying saucers in the shop! That’s why she has wished for this jar of flying saucers from Hope & Greenwood. Although she may need to wish for more than one if she wants them to last?


Apparantly a customer came into the shop last weekend with a cockapoo dog, and Clementine literally went weak at the knees, and of course there were accompanying sound effects! So Clem would love her own cockapoo to snuggle up to this Christmas!


Clem’s final wish is to be whisked away….anywhere. The simple wish for a plane ticket for a surprise trip would make her Christmas complete…….just make sure you’re back for the weekend for work please Clementine!! 😉


Merry Christmas Clem!! Hope you have a wonderful time and a well deserved break from all your hard work in the shop! We have to be sure to stock you up with dairy free Christmas treats to get you through the festive season, and here’s to your wishes coming true! fingers crossed…..x

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