“You’re not a social worker”

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“You’re not a social worker.”

“You have to be a nurse and a social worker in this job”

….Two very contrasting statements relating to the same thing. Both things I was told by nurses.

As a student

My 11 top tips for starting your Nursing Degree

I can’t actually believe I’m heading into my 2nd year of nursing in a couple of weeks, there is still so much I want to share with you about year one and the amazing experiences I have had and the extraordinary people I have met.

For now I wanted to

Being a ‘mature’ student

A lot of people thought I’d possibly lost my mind when I said I was going to do nursing but also that I was going to put myself through university for 3 years, as a mature student. Especially as I already did a degree when I was 18 so it wasn’t