Cakes, Prizes and Christmas fairs….

Catch me this Saturday afternoon at the Beckford school Christmas fair, where I will be judging the cake competition! How funny is that?! Beckford school is one of my favourite places in the world and somewhere that is very close to my heart (as well as being very close to my shop) many of our lovely customers are Beckford mummies (and daddies), but also I used to be a pupil there, and both my first and last days at Beckford are still vivid memories, and I can honestly say that I had the most fabulous time there, even though it was school, and I guess that’s saying something!! I judged the competition last year and took my sidekick Leon (our sconemaster) along to help me, and we found it so hard to choose the winners.

Happy baking to all the kids and mummies who are involved – good luck!! xxx

ps. It’s also Emmanuel school’s (also on Mill Lane) Christmas fair on Saturday, and we have donated prizes to both fairs, so we look forward to seeing the winners at bake-a-boo soon x

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