Bye Bye Easter

Loving the sunshine today, and feeling a bit more refreshed from a lovely Easter. although I didn’t enjoy taking down all the Easter dceorations today, it’s way too long before we have another ‘occassion’ to look forward to. Anyway, I had a lovely Easter day off from all Boo activity and spent a great afternoon with my sister and nephews, eating easter eggs, lemon Easter cake a-la bake-a-boo, whilst playing board games and watching Charlie and the chocolate factory! Good times. I also made a yummy roast dinner and am extremely proud to have made wheat and dairy free yorkshire puddings!! It’s been years, they used to be one of my favourites, and they just tasted so good! Anyway back in action now and gearing up for another busy weekend at the Boo. We’ll be happy to see all our familar faces back from their holidays next week. the school kids and the ballet faces, and hopefully lots more sunshine!

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