Bank holiday weekend with The Belles….

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Another fun weekend filled with cake is over! On Friday we changed up our work division and Hannah spent the morning in the kitchen. She used to spend a bit of time baking, but we have had a few months where she has focused mostly on serving our customers, but now we know she has got that totally nailed – Hannah is going to be baking a bit more and you will hear from her here too, telling you about her kitchen adventures.

On Saturday we hosted a tea party for Kat who was celebrating her hen. The ladies dressed up and toasted the bride-to-be with glasses of cold prosecco in between cakes! If you’re planning a hen, maybe you could use our Mrs & Mrs quiz that we posted last week? We also made a cake and some cupcakes for Ellen’s 1st birthday, we hope the family enjoyed it. We also have someone getting a surprise cake on Wednesday, so we don’t want to give away the details, but we hope it is a great day for the family.

On Sunday we celebrated Danielle’s hen party with afternoon tea and a cupcake decorating activity, these ladies made some great looking cupcakes and still managed to sink a few glasses of prosecco despite having a great night out the night before. We expected it to be quiet this weekend with it being the last weekend of the summer holidays and with the carnival on, but we had a really busy Sunday and pretty much sold out of cake!

Yesterday we enjoyed the bank holiday, eating a bit of cake (a typical Monday for the Belles!) preparing for some filming we have in the tea room this week and planning some fun projects for the coming months. We hope you enjoyed the lovely long weekend?

Lot’s of love from ‘The Belles’ x

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