Identifying as a #girlboss

Throughout my bake-a-boo journey, I never saw myself as ‘an entrepreneur’, not ever. But I guess you could say I had an idea, a dream, a passion. I had something I really wanted to do all the time and share with other people. I took that by the horns and

Surviving cold & flu season the natural way

My first week of nursing school was slightly tainted by getting ill on day two, I’ve had a really bad cold that apparently does the rounds the first week of university and has been coined ‘freshers flu’ but it’s pretty much knocked me sideways, and really bad timing when I

My first week at nursing school

So I’ve just finished my first week at uni… I am now officially a student nurse and have a better vision now of what that actually means. As I have been reminded several times this week by my various lecturers and tutors – I am not just doing a Bsc

My back to school wish list

Lexi Striped ring binder from WHSmith
Marble paper file from Studio Sarah 
Vitapen highlighters from Selfridges
This week at school blackboard from Southwood Stores
Brave is the new black print from Southwood Stores
Get it done notepad from Rifle Paper co.
Marble ‘Z’ notebook from Studio Sarah
‘I did my

Rosie’s Cake

Last weekend I made a cake for Rosie. I’ve made a cake for Rosie every year for as long as I had bake-a-boo. There’s lots of children that I’ve seen growing up through making their cakes every year. Having a local tea room like I did – you get to

My nursing school fears

In just under two weeks I start my nursing degree and as if life hasn’t already changed dramatically enough for me in the last few months it’s about to change even more. I’m really excited to start and to have a more structured routine in my life which I have

Stepping outside of my museum comfort zone!

As someone who’s usually excited by the latest fashion or photography exhibition or the trusted favourite London art galleries and museums, my latest museum choice was something new for me, but plays a part in embracing my new life as I come close to starting my training as a nurse.

I visited

Leo’s bowling cake

As much as I’m enjoying more freedom now and embracing that as much as I can before I start my training in a few weeks – It was good to be back baking last weekend. I catered for an afternoon tea party of 24 at their home for a party

Angel Gabriel

On the last weekend at bake-a-boo I had a visit from a young boy. It was a hectic weekend and as I was always based in the kitchen at the end, I got called up several times that weekend by various customers who wanted to say goodbye and wish me

Celebrating the end of an era


I was so glad I got to end the story of bake-a-boo in a way in which I controlled, a way in which I could celebrate its achievements and my own personal contribution to that. To pull the plug, so to speak, on something that became my whole life

Thought for the day

Change is hard, I’m not good with change, but so much change is hitting me all at once saying goodbye and saying hello! I’m welcoming the new adventures and the transformation that is coming my way in the next few months. I hope you’ll share it with me xx

Leaving the space

As I write this I’m sitting on my balcony in Greece typing to the humming of the crickets and the waves crashing.

It’s been a big week. A big month, oh hell it’s been a big year.

A year where I have made big decisions, have continued my health battle and

Fairy Tales Come True


Thank you to Natalie from Fairy Tales Come True party entertainment for sending us in this collage of when Rapunzel came to visit bake-a-boo on our last weekend, we had lots of princesses in the tea room to meet her. We have worked with Natalie on several occasions at bake-a-boo

Our exclusive goodbye sale

As mentioned in our previous post with our frequently asked questions, we will be having an exclusive sale for our friends and customers. We will be selling off many of our treasured possessions once we close the tea room at the end of the month. This is a ticketed event

faq’s about closing the tea room..

We decided to do this post with ‘Frequently asked questions’ as we have a lot of your asking questions in the tea room every day about why we are closing the tea room. Sometimes we are crazy busy and explaining it all is hard so we have put our most