Fashion Styling

In my last post I talked about being a mature student and how different it was from my last stint at University – when I did a degree in Product Development for the Fashion Industry at The London College of Fashion. I talked about how I still use my first degree every

Being a ‘mature’ student

A lot of people thought I’d possibly lost my mind when I said I was going to do nursing but also that I was going to put myself through university for 3 years, as a mature student. Especially as I already did a degree when I was 18 so it wasn’t

Theatre from the outside looking in Part 2

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As I touched on in part one – my experience in the Theatre admissions unit confirmed my initial thoughts about the direction I would like to go in my nursing journey. I was lucky to have my

Darryn’s 40th Birthday cupcakes

One thing I love about my freedom from ‘the cake shop’ is getting to make really special and personal cakes for people that I know and love and it not be stressful or feeling under pressure to say yes, I get to really make every one with complete love and

My free from taste of Summer – July Favourites

Having been strictly gluten and dairy free for the last 14 years and even more so the last few years to help control my endometriosis, I get asked all the time the yummiest products I recommend that are gluten and dairy free. So I wanted to share those with you each month

Learning to change

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Being a student nurse is one big rollercoaster, and at every point of the rollercoaster you have information thrown at you that god help you if you don’t remember – because its’ likely someone will

Theatre from the inside looking in

Please refer to my disclaimer before reading any of my Nurse Boo categorised posts


Using the term ‘break a leg’ in a theatre just took on a whole new meaning.

When I considered embarking on a career in nursing, a lot of my decisions were based on my own hospital experiences.

What’s happening at 86 Mill Lane?

I haven’t blogged for an awfully long time, and that’s just because life has been incredibly busy and all new. I have so much I want to share and will do over time, but for now I felt compelled to write something here after yesterday I found that stories from

Farewell Andrew Sachs

I was sad to hear this week that Andrew Sachs had passed away. This news particularly struck a chord with me for a couple of reasons. Firstly the day I heard this news I had just spent all day at a conference as part of my nursing degree about Dementia

Jam donut heaven

You know that gluten free and dairy free cakes are my thing, and the whole reason that bake-a-boo existed in the first place – simply to feed my own selfish need, which I was so lucky to eventually have the opportunity to share with you all from 2004 onwards.

Now gluten

You can take the girl out of bake-a-boo…..

You can take the girl out of bake-a-boo and try to make her a nurse…. but you can’t take the bake-a-boo out of the nurse!!

…..Yes I did get a candy coloured PINK stethoscope!!!

Now there were other reasons for this. Actually I didn’t consider a stethoscope to be on my list

Learning to breathe

Featured image – Inhale & Exhale prints from Printabold on Etsy –

So I had surgery last Friday. That’s not what this post is going to be about but many of you will know that I have really suffered with endometriosis the past few years and this was my 5th surgery. This

It’s ok not to be ok

Featured image by Monika Traikov, taken from


This week I celebrated the birthday of a good friend. Someone I met through bake-a-boo and was always my go-to person for both DIY jobs I needed in the shop and giggles on a rainy day.

He became my brother on Mill Lane.

Until 2013.

….When he took

Gluten free bread making

Now as some of you may know gluten free cakes are kind of my thing, and they have been for a while. I’ve been gluten free for 13 years now and have never looked back, how it has benefited my life and wellbeing is immeasurable. 13 years ago being gluten

Seren’s Alice in Wonderland themed party

Recently it was one of my favourite little girl’s birthday parties and I was put on lockdown for the whole weekend to go and stay in Surrey to not only attend the party but also style the party and of course, make cakes.

Seren’s 4th Birthday was an Alice and