Festive Free From Favourites

This time of year you would think would be hard for someone who is both gluten and dairy free. But I have to say it does seem to get that little bit easier every year with so many great products now on offer for us Gluten and dairy free-ers!

Now that

My Halloween Fashion Picks

Happy Halloween Everybody…..Hope your day has been filled with treats and spooky fun.

Autumn is probably my favourite time of year and with Halloween and fireworks night so close together is seems like a time to celebrate all things Autumn. One of my favourite things about this time of year is

My first experience of a patient dying

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**Please be aware that this post deals with sensitive issues surrounding death and loss**

Last week whilst I was working on the ward doing a bank shift as an HCA, a patient died. This is my first experience

Nursing one year on – A reflection

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It’s one year today that I walked into university for the first time as a mature student and became a student nurse.

“nursing is not just a job, it’s a profession”

It’s interesting that this is one of

Theatre from the outside looking in Part 3

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Pre-op – I think a little piece of my heart will always remain there….

It was my first placement, the first ‘hospital people’ I came into contact with. It was a series of firsts that so quickly just

My 11 top tips for starting your Nursing Degree

I can’t actually believe I’m heading into my 2nd year of nursing in a couple of weeks, there is still so much I want to share with you about year one and the amazing experiences I have had and the extraordinary people I have met.

For now I wanted to

Fashion Styling

In my last post I talked about being a mature student and how different it was from my last stint at University – when I did a degree in Product Development for the Fashion Industry at The London College of Fashion. I talked about how I still use my first degree every

Being a ‘mature’ student

A lot of people thought I’d possibly lost my mind when I said I was going to do nursing but also that I was going to put myself through university for 3 years, as a mature student. Especially as I already did a degree when I was 18 so it wasn’t

Theatre from the outside looking in Part 2

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As I touched on in part one – my experience in the Theatre admissions unit confirmed my initial thoughts about the direction I would like to go in my nursing journey. I was lucky to have my

Darryn’s 40th Birthday cupcakes

One thing I love about my freedom from ‘the cake shop’ is getting to make really special and personal cakes for people that I know and love and it not be stressful or feeling under pressure to say yes, I get to really make every one with complete love and

My free from taste of Summer – July Favourites

Having been strictly gluten and dairy free for the last 14 years and even more so the last few years to help control my endometriosis, I get asked all the time the yummiest products I recommend that are gluten and dairy free. So I wanted to share those with you each month

Learning to change

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Being a student nurse is one big rollercoaster, and at every point of the rollercoaster you have information thrown at you that god help you if you don’t remember – because its’ likely someone will

Theatre from the inside looking in

Please refer to my disclaimer before reading any of my Nurse Boo categorised posts


Using the term ‘break a leg’ in a theatre just took on a whole new meaning.

When I considered embarking on a career in nursing, a lot of my decisions were based on my own hospital experiences.

What’s happening at 86 Mill Lane?

I haven’t blogged for an awfully long time, and that’s just because life has been incredibly busy and all new. I have so much I want to share and will do over time, but for now I felt compelled to write something here after yesterday I found that stories from

Farewell Andrew Sachs

I was sad to hear this week that Andrew Sachs had passed away. This news particularly struck a chord with me for a couple of reasons. Firstly the day I heard this news I had just spent all day at a conference as part of my nursing degree about Dementia