Crochet for beginners workshop at bake-a-boo

Learn something new with create and do at bake-a-boo – our latest creative workshop is next week!

Monday 26th April – 7pm-9:30pm

Crochet for beginners
With Claire of make do mend
The aims of the class are teach the basics of crochet. There will be no finished item as such, but the participants

This week our shop floor had a much needed revamp.It's shiny, clean and looks fab.

baileys and coffee cupcake

so me and the J-dog have come up with a super dooper new Adult only cupcake today. Super fit baileys and dark choc icing on a moist coffee sponge base! its sensational. get involved campers. the ocky dog! x

its like this!

de for damager back once again with the renegade master!I’m the lyrical Gangster…..murderer!so its early its cold and i’m making fairy cakes and choc cupcakes- this makes me happy…but all these old school tunes keep popping into my head and blurting out of me like some sort of poptastic torrettes….and

Kitchen revamp

The kitchen is getting a bit of a facelift today and to protect her sneakers from paint Michelle dressed them in plastic bags.The walls look lovely though.

Todays selection of cakes