And so the ship sails….


This picture was me five years ago at my book launch. I remember this day like it was yesterday and can’t believe five years have passed by, but I also look at this picture and I know what a different person I am now and that I have changed mentally, physically, in my attitude and in my priorities. Most importantly I look at this picture and I feel lucky. So lucky that I have had the opportunity to live my dream, create a place, a concept and a brand that I am so proud of, one I have never stopped believing in and am so glad I am been able to share it with so many people. It’s an achievement I have received with hard work, more ups and downs than a yo yo, and with not a single regret for any of the choices I have made.

It is with a great rollercoaster of emotions that include both sadness and happiness that I tell you all that this year I will be closing bake-a-boo after 10 years.

Sunday the 29th May will be our last day in the tea room ever.

It’s been a difficult decision for me, but one that those close to me know is the best and right one. I have struggled with my health the last two years and having 4 operations in that time I have found it very hard to keep bake-a-boo on top form as well as myself. I have an amazing team of Belles, Christine, Hannah, Ania and Alison – my absolute angels who I am so grateful for, and proud to also call my friends. But now with a pending lease renewal I have made the decision not to renew for various reasons. I’m choosing to keep bake-a-boo and all that I have built close to my heart, I’ve met some amazing people who have enriched my life. I’m so grateful for this decade and this experience, but I now want to leave on a high when the business is strong and we can leave some sort of tiny legacy in West Hampstead.

I don’t know what else bake-a-boo will give me in this life, but for now I’m keeping it close and completely changing direction. In September I go back to uni to do a second degree and I am training to become a nurse. I’m so glad I can turn all the negative health issues I have had into something that has inspired me and can allow me to benefit so many other people. I just hope I can hack it!!! I intend to document my next journey and hope you will share it with me.

Thank you to all have supported me in all these decisions. Thank you to everyone who supported me on this amazing adventure of the last 10 years, I am truly blessed, now let’s go out with a bang!! We intend to have the best next four months and we hope you will come and see us to enjoy everything that is bake-a-boo for as long as we are here and celebrate the last decade and make some lasting memories.

We invite everyone to use the hashtag #byebyeboo10 in any pictures or tweets you post from now until the end so we can keep those memories in our hearts too. Use the hashtag on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM and lets document the memories together  

Thank you letting bake-a-boo live!

Love boo x

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