A round up of our weekend..

butterfly cake

We are starting to get really excited for Halloween at bake-a-boo. This weekend we starting working on our Halloween display and there was a mad dash with people buying our Halloween sweetie bags and the amazing Candy Blood drip bags we have in the display…..Seems like we are not the only ones getting excited for Halloween.

We also introduced some new packages of our tea and we have had so many of our afternoon tea-goers wanting the purchase the teas that they try from our loose leaf tea selection when they find one that they really enjoy. So you can now take some of your favourite tea home with you in a cute little package from us.

We were expecting a slightly quiet weekend with there being a Jewish holiday last week, as this always seems to make the street a little quieter, but we were wrong! After a busy Saturday, we completely sold out on Sunday, not even a crumb left to spare, so we are sorry to anyone who missed out on cakey goodness, these things are so hard to predict.

We were also busy with afternoon teas on all days with a special tea party to celebrate Natasha’s baby shower on Sunday. Good Luck Natasha, we hope to meet your little boy or girl when they arrive.

Lot’s of you also seemed to be celebrating Birthdays this weekend as we had lots of birthday cakes to make. There also seemed to be a running theme of butterflies this weekend? My butterfly cutter was certainly put to work, with this being the most popular request for birthday cake decoration this weekend. Happy Birthday to Anais, Samantha, Tamara, Ellie and Malyah who celebrated their Birthdays with cakes from bake-a-boo over the weekend.

The cakes didn’t end there – the most special cake we made was for Anna-Lise who had her wedding on Saturday. We delivered her cake to the York & Albany on Saturday afternoon for her reception, I’ll show you that in all it’s glory in a post later in the week.

Christine and I are in a few days this week as we have lots of events coming up and some changes we need to plan and implement, but we look forward to seeing you all on the weekend, which looking at the calender is pretty mega….Tea parties-are-us!

See you then xx

ps. you can keep up with the things we get up to over the weekend on our instagram here we’d love to have you follow along x 

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