Today has been freeeeeeezing, but it snowed, and I love the snow.

It’s been busy here, people must’ve heard me yesterday when I said that cupcakes were the only answer to the January misery. We’ve been doing lots of cakes for parties today, including Melissa’s mini cupcakes, Melissa who has had three months to order the cakes for her sisters 40th birthday, suddenly remembered this morning (the day of the party) that she hadn’t actually ordered any?? Boo came to the rescue and me and Jonas whipped up 100 mini cupcakes for her party tonight. Atleast it kept us warm.

Emma and her girlies had a baby shower here today, and one lady made me smile as she stood in the window this afternoon looking at the cakes and asked ‘what cakes do you have today?’

I’m not looking forward to leaving the shop tonight, there is a big freeze on the other side of the door, and it’s finding it’s way in. I think I’ll get straight under the duvet, maybe take home some of the American gossip magazines that Annie (we call her the cappuccino lady – as that’s all she has here, atleast two, sometimes four!) left here yesterday, she brings them here every Friday, and I love her for it, thats how I keep up with whats happening in the Hills (new series starts tomorrow – can’t wait) So if you love US weekly and People (American imports) bake-a-boo is the place to be on Saturday Morning (After Annies Friday PM drop off) the perfect accompaniment to your cupcake, or (like Annie), your cappuccino.

Good night, keep warm…….open tomorrow at 2pm x

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